Business Development

Done Best

TriedStone Inc. (formerly Search & Assessment Services, Inc./SAS) is a high energy client-business development consulting practice driven by Steven Garofalo M.A.A. Steven is a high energy development specialist with out of the box thinking, producing results for his clients. Steven focuses solely on the material handling-logistics industry, representing best in class clients. He partners with sales organizations and work closely in a dynamic team approach to increase account penetration, capturing opportunities to accelerate market share expansion and increase revenues. 

Steven's mission is simple: To identify business opportunities, pre-close sales engagements, increase market share, and drive revenue. He implements a strategic targeting process for each market based on the needs of the client company and the unique make-up of each specific market. 

Steven has over 25 years of business development and sales experience in a cross-pollination of industries. Over the past 15 years, Steven's main focus shifted to solely to material handling, logistics, and automation for both the distribution and manufacturing sectors. The final result is better sales, better market share-better results.