Results Oriented Pre-Sales, Client-Business Development

TriedStone Inc. (formerly Search & Assessment Services, Inc./SAS) is a client-business development consulting firm that produces results for its clients. We focus on logistics, warehouse optimization, power/energy technology, and material handling. We partner with sales organizations and work closely in a dynamic team approach. Our mission is simple: To identify business opportunities, pre-close sales engagements, increase market share, and drive revenue. We implement a strategic targeting process for each market based on the needs of the client company and the unique make-up of each specific market. 

We are highly focused and results oriented. SAS  Inc. founder, Steven Garofalo has over 29 years of business development and sales experience in a cross-pollination of industries. Over the past 15 years, Steven's main focus shifted to logistics, power/energy optimization, and materials handling for both the distribution and manufacturing sectors. 

Steven creates deep and long-standing partnerships with his clients as opposed to a short vendor experience. We see ourselves as part of your company, an extension of your efforts-bringing value add and quality driven business development/sales results. 

TriedStone Inc. delivers better business development in the form of better sales, better market share-better results.