About TriedStone Inc. Founder

  • Steven graduated college in 1988 and in his senior year at the University of Maryland, sold car phone on straight commission. Steven moved on to the position of Mid-Atlantic Territory Business Development Manager and East Coast trainer from 1990 to 1993. Here, Steven developed and maintained over 80 new computer company accounts resulting in over million dollars of annual revenue. Steven joined Compucom/Comteq Federal in McLean, VA as Business Development and Account Manager, selling high end computer solutions to federal accounts. Steven was Top team sales 4 out of 9 months, generating over $1.2million in revenue. He was also awarded Top Individual sales 2 out of 9 months in 1994 and received the prestigious Cyrix Corporation "100 Club Sales Award". His clients included NAVSEA, NAVAIR, PEOSUBS, FEMA, Patent & Trademark office and U.S. Congress. 
  • Steven moved onto the Jonathan Ladd Company in Laurel, MD, where he served in a number of capacities, including Vice President of Operations and Research and Recruiting from 1995-2002. In 2002, 
  • Steven started TriedStone Inc. in 2002 as SAS Inc.,  providing business development services within the Logistics Industry. Steven partners with his clients in becoming part of their team, and has successfully developed business with major corporations across the Unites States, resulting in over $75 million dollars in revenue over the past 6 years. Steven's primary goal is to offer the best, focused business development services to the logistics, material handling, and power/energy sector community-implementing over 27 years of corporate business development and sales experience. In 2014 Steven combined SAS Inc. with Triedstone to create one corporation.

Triestone Publising Company was formed in 2012 in effort  to publish books and training materials in relation to Apologetics. In 2014 the process was started to combine Triedstone and SAS into one corporation with Triedstone as the primary name and SAS Inc. as the DBA. That change was completed in 2015 and while they operate as one corporation, they operate as separate divisions.